How to ask your long distance friend to return my money in a polite way ?

Priti Rajput Hey hi buddy! hope you are doing well thank you for always being there for me in my all harsh time but buddy currently I am not financially stable and going through some tuff time if this was not a reason I would never ask for my money ,but I am in urgent need of money hence please return the money that I gave you - Priti Rajput - 2 years ago

Category: Family & Relationships

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Well, you can say. Hey, I would have never brought it up, but I need money urgently. I am short on cash and need to pay someone or some expense ( you cam make up this person based on somone your friend doesn't know).

I guess this is the best way without complicating things too much. Has worked for me quite a few times.

If your friend starts to make excuses, you may have to talk a bit strictly.




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