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As BJP doing positive politics  that is also reason for improvement they are concentrating on development only and wining tripple Talaak case will be additional benefit for next election.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Definitely Modi will be reelected. Modi with his people friendly schemes, especially Make in India, People are pleased  with gis positive rule

 Earlier Modi Amit Shaw Duo could succeed to form Governments, in most of Northern India.

In South BJP,  was not so strong. Now, In South especially in AP, it is gaining strength. On the whole BJP governments led by Modi will definitely rule most of the Country

Yes luck is also favoring BJP. It is their turn to rule now. 

I am of the opinion,It is not luck for BJP. There are two reasons. One is BJP's efficiency and the Opposition's Inefficiency

Party will not be remain on top always its also a fact so if BJP think on other leader also then it will be better because Modi can be next but who can be best after him. Yogi is good but not much experience like Mr. Modi.

Santosh Kumar Singh


I agree. But who is Yogi Aditya nath ? He too is from BJP and is quite cable of take the post PM after Modi Regarding experience, I am sure once he comes in to Power, there are a host of people like Amit Shaw to teach all the aspects needed

Why are you looking beyond Modi. He has still time on his side. Also it is the people who will decide. How do you know their future preferences. 

Can't you see, how Modi is getting support from all over the Country ? And for your information, i am one among the People's  of this Country. Regarding  future  preferences, I need like all other citizens MODI as the PM  of this country.

rambabu wrote:

Modi's  popularity is increasing day by day because of his people friendly welfare schemes like Swach Bharat and Make in India to name a few,

Modi will be reelected and be in Power for many years to come

Both of these schemes which you have stated is not going good. So, Modi has to work on these things much, specially MAKE IN INDIA. 

Want to make each day Accountable

I don't think so. Make in India is right now gaining Momentum. In the very near future all Mod's Schemes including MAKE IN INDIA are going to make waves

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