Nowdays, I am not feeling confident. Feeling low ,crying over nothing but just on my future. I am worried about my future. Does I even achieve what I want, does I will get succeed in my future. After thinking all this thing ,I finally gave myself a message “The message says believe in you hardwork it will help you to unlock your goals”. After that I took a breath and drink water. Now everything is okay. Just believe in yourself , don’t be scared of storms. They are part of life you have to fight with it. Devoted to your goals. Just work for yourself. Stop wasting time. Pray to god with your bottom of the heart that no matter what you are grateful for each and everything you have . Have faith in your prayers. Maybe you will not get today or by tomorrow but by someday you will get it. Survive with nature just see how the sky shines at night , see the water how it flows no matter we put our hand it it ,still remains the same. Similarly no matter what how much you are struggling or stressing tensed just chant gods name he is with you , he is everywhere. Deal with it 


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