In this article, I am going to talk about something that  I have been waiting for a long time to talk about. I just like many of the readers have suffered from a major issue since childhood. I never got one single  teacher who  understood the way I needed to be taught. I know majority of students do cope with the traditional schooling framework, and to be honest I did too (at least till some extent).

But, I know, a major part of my caliber has been compromised because no one taught me the way my mind wanted to be taught. 

More about the problem.

Talking about the general public , I have seen tremendously talented people suffering from self doubts and hopelessness Considering themselves to be a failure. I wonder if these failures could be the winners just by knowing the right direction. If you are reading this and you too think of yourself like this I want you to look deep into your childhood and find out what was that one thing you questioned about and people started making fun of you .? What was the one thing that made you stop questioning the system and start questioning your own capability? What was it that made you end your curiosity? Did anyone understand you? If you find something that you never focused on for a long time, know well that the problem is not actually you. The real problem is that you were(are)  unique and different from the public. You think differently or at least used to think differently. This difference for thoughts , this curiosity unknowingly scared the hell out of the general public especially those who were meant to answer these questions of yours: Your teachers. 

How to regain that courage to question?

To regain that , first learn to overcome your fear of being laughed at. Remember : if they don't understand something they are gonna try there best to prove it wrong or invalid. They will try and make you fall off the edge. But you have to stay firm till you have all your answers. If its something about studies, like your teacher is teaching about the respiratory system for instance, and the entire class says that they have understood everything , but, you still have a doubt about if the air inhaled from mouth the mouth has a different passage than that from the nostrils I want you to ask the question to your teacher with all the confidence you have. Its okay if you cannot mug up the texts written in the books to score good marks. Its okay if you have to understand something to its roots in order to remember it. Its okay to be curious. Its absolutely okay to clear your doubts even if it makes you feel like a fool sometimes. Know well that majority of the students might have the same doubt but they accept to stay in the dark. Don't be one of those .You are unique . Take a stand for yourself and learn everything that life has to offer you.

What should the teachers do?

The teachers should understand that its high time now to start thinking of other methods of teaching other than the conventional ones. They have to understand that many of the students who score less marks might face difficulty in coping with these conventional ways. They are the ones who took the responsibility of shaping entire generations. THE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE CURIOSITY OF YOUNG MINDS. Killing there ability to think and question will result in a generation full of people with zero intellect thinking of themselves as some sought of  achievers and those who actually deserved to achieve something to think of themselves as failures.


To conclude it all I just want each one of you to keep that curious mind of yours alive. It might be difficult at the beginning but for sure one day it will make the world know your worth. Till then , keep up the good work.

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