"The discipline of philosophy is the analytical study of ideas. It raises doubts about the nature of reality itself".

How does it help?

Philosophy is a way of thinking that teaches you to look at problems from different perspectives and find new ways to solve them. Most people avoid looking in the mirror because they don't know how to look at themselves objectively. Constantly revising one's perspective is a vital first step on the path to self-realization. The first step in developing one's own opinion is realizing that what one is picking up from other people is not their own. By challenging one's preconceived notions of right and wrong, one opens up a wider range of options for dealing with future challenges. Having more options allows one to see things from a broader perspective. When one's perspective broadens, a new path to growth opens up. Taking steps to improve one's shortcomings often leads to a greater appreciation for those around oneself. Being "the" only simplifies things further. As one's standards for what constitutes an ideal situation drop across the board, one develops a healthy respect for one's fellow humans. In doing so, one learns to acknowledge the greatness of others and to defer to them. When one gets past these difficult truths and accepts them, they have made great strides from their initial position, and the idea that "immorality sings the hymns of those who worship their sins" is no longer relevant to them. As a defense mechanism, philosophy can protect its practitioner from negativity, and it can also lead them to enlightenment.

Even if your ultimate destination doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would, you can still have a stunning adventure getting there. Understand that reality is just a fake impression of the angels you praise. If your mind is comforted by confidence, if you find it difficult to fight against evil and are unable to do so, and if the slightest touch of immorality causes your heart pain. The study of philosophy could help these people immensely. Philosophy will serve as a therapeutic balm for them


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