India - The Country still Alive


India, Bharat, Hindustan

The only civilization that after so many attacks and loots is still living in its purest form. Smiling and laughing, playing, jumping and dancing. Its alive till now when other civilization born and died. 

The reason have selected this topic to write is because can see the entire race world over have forgotten the life, everyone is fighting a neverending race of money. We have lost values. 

Values to our parents, values to our brothers and sisters, values to our family and friends, finally a value to our enemies. These loss in values is adding to disputes and conflicts. Hence, we have confined ourselves to our bed rooms. The condition is getting critical and am very much sorry to say that nobody is recognising that we are sitting on dynamite and its a matter of time when everything will end. We can see this intolerance everywhere today. Nations are fighting their last and the lost war of their supremacy on the bloods of the innocent civilians. 

Therefore, have mentioned India in my topic, a culture or a country still living. It is the country that has been ignored despite such a glorious cultures. Despite having such a culture which loves its animals and plant kingdom as much it loves entire human race. The concept India is concept love. We not only love them but we worship them as well. 

Go to our villages and see How an ordinary poor fellow loves his mother and father. The value to everything other than me is Sanatan culture. 

In the same time when the West has no time for their mothers and fathers, it is the East where the mothers and fathers have the privilege to be on God's chair.   

Their were times when we were not allowed in good gatherings. Dogs and Indians are not allowed. Why such jokes. 

We never, never invaded any country, we never said only my god is god and yours is an evil, we never disregarded anyone, we never sold our souls for money, instead we prayed for entire humanity. 

It is only due to this vedic culture that most of the civilizations and cultures are fighting their very last battle of extinction. The ray of hope is once again coming from Sanatan Indian culture. 

Can we bring Allah, God and Jesus, Bhagwan, Ram etc altogether and make a very new religion. I know this is next to impossible but still very much practical.

This will solve the 2000 years race of supremacy and conflicts. 

Sanatan Indian culture teaches we have different techniques to attain the same verything, so why move differently. Come, join hands and lets make world a completely different place. 

God is nothing but Love, but today this has been the major cause of conflicts between civilizations and cultures and sooner we understand this anatomy the sooner the world will be a happier place to live. 

Finally, would like to regret if knowingly or unknowingly have hurt someone's feelings or sentiments. 

But, lets start loving everything. 

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