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rambabu wrote:

I don't think so. Make in India is right now gaining Momentum. In the very near future all Mod's Schemes including MAKE IN INDIA are going to make waves

Sir, just hearing MODI wave, we are not going to see the change of economy. Data shows that MAKE IN INDIA has not impacted much in Jobs and in our economy. 

Here is the link, why i am saying this

Yes, I do see upside from here. This Government has to do lot of work in giving Jobs to Indians

1 million people are entering workforce every month. This Government has to work a lot in this area.


Want to make each day Accountable

OK. I have gone through the article saying Make in India is a flop show. I am grateful to you for letting me about the info. Anyhow, I will check once again

Mr Narendra Modi has learnt and acquired many skills during his CM tenure in Gujarat. Also, after swearing in as 14th Prime Minister of India, he has done introspection and improved himself as a world leader. At present he is one of the most refined and talented head of the states across globe. 

In 2019 general election, there is no opposition leader who can stand against him. BJP has cleverly merged JD(U) & AIDMK in NDA removing obstacle of Nitish kumar. Mean time opposition is still not clear about their strategy for 2019. RJD is in deep trouble with corruption. NCP and NC are fighting for their existence in respective states. Samajwadi and Bahujan samaj parties are loosing their base due to internal distractions and Mr. Amit Shah's caste balancing strategies.

INC is sick due to one family concept although INC has many able leaders in backyard. INC can not join hands with other parties compromising Mr. Rahul's candidature as next PM. INC is also exposed in many scams happened during their 10 years ruling period. 

Considering all such conditions, Victory of BJP in 2019 general election is almost inevitable. At present BJP does not has any face inside the party who can challenge Mr. Modi so it is almost certain that Mr. Modi will be getting 5 more years to serve as prime servant of India.


This has been discussed already. Now Modi maintaining friendly relations both with China  and Manmar. These relations with other Countries made Modi still popular. He will be PM even beyond 2019'

Its depends upon performance if he will able to maintain good work then sure no one can replace him. 

Santosh Kumar Singh



As far as Modi'sperformance is concerned, it is to the satisfaction of the people of the Country. He will be re elected.

India lacks a strong leader and at present no other leader stands as tall and promising as Modi. 

And when we talk about his performance, ruing a country as diverse as India is a tough task. So far he has done well. And many historical decisions have been made. We see a step towards positive growth. At least we see some cracks been made in vote bank politics and playing minority religion card.

But as Usha said they should not get carried away and stick to the agenda. 

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

Thank you said by: Kalyani Nandurkar, usha manohar

Good discussion is going on. I think all are Modi lovers so Modi will be PM on next 10 years. Its good sign also.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Modi is a good communicator who is able to convince people about his perceptions. But if reality is different then people can turn away. Economy will decide to a large extent his popularity. At the moment he is standing tall.

I think if anyone who is supporting Congress party or any other pary can give an answer to make this discussion more interactive.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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