We aim to study hard, get success and live a life trying to achieve everything we yearn for. However, the question that is always ignored is "What Education Is?". People often relate it to what we always learn through books, strictly speaking, the text or the course books. The primary focus of every parent remains to provide their children with the best education so they could get good jobs and earn to maintain their livelihood. But, is it not unfair to weigh education only as a means to earn? What we learn through our experiences and other books or whatever we came through, not particularly books as a medium of education, is not what is also included in education. 

Education is a means to achieve enlightenment and live your life to the fullest. It does not mean to study only to achieve materialistic goals in life. It is true that without those materialistic goals too this life may seem meaningless for mankind as we today live. However, it can also be seen as a part and parcel of life, not something we live to achieve. As a human satisfaction can never reach its end goal. The more you achieve the more you yearn for materialistic things, which may lead to the corruption of the whole of humankind, which I believe will be a much greater loss. So, is it not better to achieve what you need for your living and live life to achieve a greater goal, to find out the meaning of life, and find out the reason for your existence? 

Education is everywhere, it surrounds us. Even the tiniest of the particle on this Universe has a reason behind its existence and we derive knowledge from it. Education does not simply mean information but knowledge. And, Knowledge can be imparted from anything, everything and everywhere. Even in ancient times when there were no written texts, education existed. Mankind existed, and people use to live well, clearly indicating that the modern form has changed the medium through which education is imparted, however, the source remains the same. 

It is believed that in Universe everything exists in a cycle. What has gone will come back again. As an example, the fashion cycle changes every 10 years, i.e. what was in fashion a few years back will come back again after a few cycles, maybe in a bit modernised form, but will come. Similar is the situation with everything that exists in the Universe, be it education. It is not hidden that earlier the knowledge was imparted through lifelong experiences, meditation (Dhyan as we all know), the word of mouth, which with the trend to be remembered for a very long time was jotted down to impart that knowledge to the coming generations. However, education today sometimes seems filtered like a Chinese Whisper (game). The trend is changing again, as we can see that today people are more focused on things that are skill based rather than being a bookworm. As they are realising the importance of skills and application of their knowledge to real-life scenarios and enhancing their practical skills. Therefore, people today believe in what they see, and what they experience rather than following the filtered path. And, that is one aspect of education as it is impossible to consolidate the word "education" as it is a feeling, experience and everything we surround and not merely a consolidation of a few books as we literally and mistakingly understand it today. So, it is important to change your perception for a better today to make your tomorrow.

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