5 Things to do to avoid

                        Tooth Sensitivity



                 Imagine you are eating your favourite icecream or sweets and suddenly your teeth are experiencing strong sensitivity as soon as you take the first bite. Tell me what's more painful than not being able to eat your favourite icecream or sweets. This kind of sharp pain is known as dentinal hypersensitivity. 1 of 8 individual experience this kind of pain and discomfort. It is very common condition that we experience in day to day life and most of the people ignore it, they try to avoid eating their favourite food items.

        Our teeth are made of 4 layers which are enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp. The outermost layer is enamel. Innermost layer is pulp and between these two layers dentin exists. If enamel is lost due to some reasons then the dentin gets exposed. This dentin contains less minerals as compared to the enamel and it is more sensitive than enamel. Dentine has dentinal tubules which are somewhat tube like structures which carry sensations to the pulp. So when we eat our favourite icecream, sweets or any other food, sensations are passed to pulp through dentine leading to pain and discomfort. 

  What causes sensitivity of teeth :-

1) Excessive intake of acidic and sweet food. Excessive intake of such beverages causes erosion. 


2) Forceful toothbrushing causes condition known as abrasion.


3) Tooth grinding (bruxism) can causes attrition. 


4) Tooth fracture


6) After the surgery of gums. Most of people experience tooth sensitivity after the surgery of gums.


7) cavity , cavity under fillings and crown.


     What things you should do to avoid the Tooth Sensitivity : -

1) Brush your teeth properly.🪥 Avoid forceful toothbrushing. Use fluoridated toothpaste as per dentist's prescription.


2) Avoid excessive intake of acidic beverages. 


3) Avoid opening of pins with the help of your teeth.


4) Consult your physician if you experience recurrent episodes of vomiting.


5) Consult your dentist if you have cavities in your teeth , tooth fracture or any other complaint.











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