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If that is a fact then it means there exists a competitive environment and Boddunan should be aware of it!
i dont think the other sites will reward as boddunan will do. Here all are best comparing to other sites. i love boddunan. :cheer:

Yes boddunan proved its genuine that it is the best among all.

Do try to expedite the process of announcement of past few days and if possible, come out with it every two days!
I also agree you sir. I also wanted to come with what you have said. As,i haven't seen such since the DFAA is started,so i thought its better to announce it late.
Any way, I will try to post the results in the gaps of 5 days or so.
I liked your idea,because that will encourage more and more people to come out and contribute here.

Want to make each day Accountable

Yes good idea said.Ronark where are the pending days award?Please consult with Admin.and announce the pending.
I am not having it. Maverick told me that he will declare it later.

Want to make each day Accountable

Thanks Ronark for displaying a lot of openeness to our suggestions! I would like to see the gap shortened to three days!
@chinmoy sir.
Sure,i would try to do that.

Want to make each day Accountable

Thank you said by: chinmoymukherjee

When could we expect it for the current week? Today!
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