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In the last decade millions of people have migrated to abroad. Nowadays, it has become a trend to move and settle permanently in other countries. Several reasons contribute to this. ‘Better standard of living’ is what they are looking for. It can be in terms of medical benefits, free education for their children, transparency in the system less social influence etc. Countries like Canada, UK, Australia are in the list of top countries who are accepting immigration applications on a large scale from various other countries. Youth of the country who is the future of a nation, are leaving and working for other countries that directly accounts for ‘talent drainage’. The consequences of this drainage might not be visible today but it will impact the country  tremendously.


Intake of Drugs

Despite the fact, that today there is an ample of opportunities in various genres of work, still young people indulge themselves in wrong addictions like consuming drugs, violent activities knowing the ill-effects of it. Seeing the situation of current times and for safety aspect of their children, parents want their children to get settle in abroad. India has become the center of attraction in drugs consumption and that’s really worrying. Government should take required action to vanish this import and export business of drugs if they want to avoid the bleak future of the country.

Social Evils

In India the ongoing culture of dowry system, gender discrimination is really a crime against humanity. It is very sad that after so many years of Independence these social evils are still prevalent in India. For how long people are going to tolerate all these bad things? Government has failed to eradicate these social evils from the society. Dowry system has adversely affected the marriage systems in some cases it also became the reason of domestic violence. In most parts of the country girls does not go to school, because in their culture girls are considered as marriage material only. Their perception about girls is that one day they have to go to their in laws house, and have to take care of their in laws.  So, to get rid of these problems people are changing their thinking and going overseas.


We are living in a country where there is reservation system almost in everything be it education, scholarships, jobs. Why some people have been given special benefits and others not? In most of the scholarships given, people who are sc/st or belongs to some other backward class are only subjected to those scholarships while others not. People of general category can also be poor and need scholarships for their education. But in the scholarships from government side there is nothing for them. In jobs also same criteria is applied and in result sometimes deserving candidates doesn’t get job. This imparity has compelled the people to take different route of studying abroad. As government is changing some of its major policies this reservation system also needs to be rechecked.


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