There is no dictionary definition of happiness, one can gain it from different experiences whether it be good or bad. Everyone's happiest moment relates to one achievement or the other but mine can be a little unconventional because it relates to failure. Relating failures to happiness may seem out of the box but this unimaginable combination gives a tingling sensation in the gut whenever I think of it.  My failure or the moment which I cherish my whole life was when I gave my class 10th board examinations. As it is known the hype of the board examinations in the Indian household is too great to ignore and within all this, I flunked the subject of mathematics. The importance of mathematics as a subject has always been great because of its weightage in any field I wanted to pursue in my higher education. My relationship with mathematics has always been filled with conundrums, with me barely making it past the finishing line but so it happened on the ill-fated day that I was unable to get past the finishing line and that was the biggest failure that I had ever faced.

The whole experience was quite new for me as it was the first time the name of board exams popped up in my life and the anxiety that followed was too great to be dealt with. On the fateful day I received the news that I did not manage to secure passing marks in mathematics, I was devastated and felt like the whole world came crashing down on me, the feeling of failure was too great to be dealt by a 16-year-old boy who had many aspirations in his life. The first thought which passed my mind was the fact that how would I even face the world while having a target on back, I felt like the black sheep of the family and only negative thoughts like depression, ungratefulness and gloom pondered with my mind.

While my mind was lurking in the darkness of such a tragedy my savior became my family, for a young boy to experience such a change of behavior was unbelievable. The shift from the conventional behavior of any Indian household which I had expected was very surprising as well as motivating for me. I had come to think of the failure as a full stop of my life with nowhere to go but my family made me believe that it was only a semi-colon which is a stop to contemplate our mistakes and move forward with more zeal and mirth. The bolster of my family is inexpressible in words as they taught me to accept the lows of life as they are and enjoy them, they taught me these ebbs and flow will occur in my daily life, but life is too precious to brood over such things. This was one moment in my life which I hold very dear even though it might be a failure and a sad memory for many people, I cherish it for the love and support I got from my family and the things I learnt that day; It was a day which I can never forget and hold it as the happiest moment of my life.




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