I was in kota, rajasthan.I was here preparing for IIT. I came here during the time when lockdowns were opening and my institute also get opened.I was happy because I had heard a lot of kota and Rajasthan as well and was very curious to reach here as soon as possible.I reached here in September 2021 and joined offline classes.Kota was empty at that time and I can see here few students only.I am telling u now about my pg where only me and a new-becomed friend named piyush was here.Though he was preparing for medical examinations,but because we were alone in our building, effortlessly we became friend.2021 passed. And it was 2022 when students from other states and other places in rajashthan were arriving kota in a large amount and soon our building was full of students and I made some of them my friends.Im the new session we were working hard and 3 months passed away.one of my friend subham asked me to visit jaipur on upcoming Sunday.I was interested to explore Jaipur and told my other friends about it. They also asked me to join throughout my trip to Jaipur. I was now happy because we were now 5 in numbers.Next day was Sunday and all of us on Saturday were enjoying whistling breeze on the roof of 3rd floor of our building and we woked up to about 4am in the morning and we all slept at exactly 4 am and all of us set alarm in each of our phone so that anyone among of us woked up will wake up the rest people.We all woked up at 5:30 am after taking a short nap of half an hour.our eyes were lurky and we all were feeling sleepy and tired.Our train was on 7:50 am we all rushed up and taked bath immediately and we all were ready to leave our building.We were going to take auto-rickshaw but it started raining heavily and we all ran and taked a auto-rickshaw to kota junction and it was our good luck that we got an transport at that time because many of auto-rickshaw drivers denied us to take us to kota junction.We payed his money and ran fastly to platform because it was raining more heavily.we reached on station and did breakfast.Train arrived ,we climbed and it departed.we don't have tickets and were in general coach,we assumed that no t.c. will come in this coach because it was crowded,but our assumption failed when it was 5 minutes only to reach sawai madhopur junction that we saw two middle aged man wearing white shirts and taking Id card hanging in their necks were moving towards us,we understood he is not anyone else than t.c. .Three of our friends fled away where there was more crowded.But me and shubham got trapped and he was asking 800 INR to leave us,and I behave them rudely but I am now feeling ashamed for that incident. After so many excuses he demanded 320 INR and left us. Now after an hour we reached jaipur junction where me and one of my friend himanshu crossed t.c. among crowd safely but here 3 of our friends trapped to t.c. but after so many excuses again he left us after demanding 500 INR. We walked to metro station in 5 minutes where we take token and after a few minutes metro arrived and we climed and in 5-10 minutes we reached our destination somewhere i don't know but yes there was Hawamahal which was looking so gorgeous, awesome that I can't explain in words. We got there and shooted selfies and pics and now it was time to take lunch so we went to a restaurant and ordered burgers and french fries.Afterward we booked a cab worth 100 INR and went to City palace and in the route towards it I felt a glowing beauty of jaipur-a City which was shining pink,one of my most favourite rememberance will be that.In City palace we explored royal dynasty who ruled over jaipur and the clothes which they wore were preserved there and all of the equipments like gun ,swords,etc.was telling the bravery of jaipur against enemies.We shooted photos and i purchased a frame along with our group photo worth 500. I also purchased a sunglasses.we later moved to Jal Mahal which was surrounding from all directions in a giant pond. It was glamorous to see that view. Now it was 4 pm and we can't explore jaipur more due to lack of time and guidance. We reached Jaipur junction before 2 minutes ago when our train would have departured but our running speed helped us to catch the train.we reached kota junction and then our pg at 10 pm. We all were tired so without having dinner we all got to bed. 


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