One of the most interesting and thrilling regions to visit in India is the northeast, which is made up of the Seven Sister states and Sikkim. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura are the seven sister states. Without the crowds and fewer honks than the rest of India, each of the eight states is stunning in its own right. Every state has an own culture, history, landscape, and fauna. There is little doubt that the area is a treasure trove of exceptional and wonderful experiences for tourists.


Why Travel to Northeastern India?

For tourists, northeast India is a paradise. While you can awe at the beautiful scenery, the laid-back atmosphere in these spots will make you want to stop and take in the fresh air. The massive Himalayan hills may greet you in some locations, but the verdant lowlands and meandering rivers are also breathtaking. The locals are welcoming and cordial. Over a drink of rice beer, people discuss their lives in depth. The eight states are blessed with unparalleled natural beauty that has not been tarnished by human activities. The region's main draws are its lush valleys, breathtaking mountain ranges, strong rivers, tumbling waterfalls, and incredible variety of flora and animals.




There is a wonderful place hidden in India's remote northeast. It is a location that is gifted with varied cultures and customs in addition to its natural beauty. The state is home to some of the most unique fauna and rainforest covers, and it is surrounded by lofty mountain ranges with wide valleys and mountain rivers. There is no shortage of spectacular attractions in Arunachal Pradesh, from the mountains and monasteries, to the rough terrain and high altitude passes, unexplored rainforests and stunning valleys. Any visitors or travellers will be captivated by the location.


Assam, one of the biggest states in Northeast India, is incredibly dynamic. Assam's lifeblood, along with its varied topography and pleasant countryside, is the mighty Brahmaputra. The expansive paddy fields and tea gardens make up for the landscape's lack of colour. The well-known one-horned rhinoceros can be found in Assam's Manas National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary. Additionally, Assam is renowned for its fine silk and cotton handlooms. Assam is a place unlike any other because of its wildlife, history, and tradition, as well as its tea estates and lovely rural getaways.


 The name Manipur literally means land of jewels. As the name suggests, Manipur is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Dense forests, emerald green valleys and mountains make the state fascinating,


while the magnificent floating Loktak Lake can amaze all its visitors. Manipur also has a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in their many dances and festivals. Manipuri dance is famous all over the world and is known for its graceful movements and exotic costumes. Manipur is a unique blend of serenity and exuberance and this place leaves a lasting impression on your mind.


Mizoram is known as the place that is known for Lushai highlanders. This monstrously gorgeous state gloats of extraordinary scenes encompassed by blue hued mountains, green woodlands and staggering perspectives from the bluffs. The excellence increments as the morning fog delicately turns over the slopes and towns making the marvelous land look seriously charming. The Mizos are additionally known for their rich culture and individuals are very partial to melody and moves. One more fascination of Mizoram is normal caverns are encircled with different legends and fantasies. Experience devotees can go for collapsing Mizoram.


Known as the residence of mists, Meghalaya is genuinely an enchanting spot - where the mists stay. The state is a nature sweethearts' joy with its beautiful cascades, clear blue pools, wondrous living root scaffolds and grinning and cordial individuals. Meghalaya is generally known for its precipitation and awesome music scene at Shillong, yet the interesting towns and the sacrosanct forests are likewise something not to be missed. The state is the home for the three native clans - Khasi, Garo and Jaintia each having their own practice and culture. What's more, these individuals live fitting together with nature. Aside from the rich assortment of verdure, Meghalaya is additionally known for its butterfly species. Meghalaya is the ideal spot for nature darlings and experience fans.



Nagaland is the place that is known for the Nagas, a place that is known for fearless fighters, trackers and customary legends. The state isn't just the land to have the Hornbill Celebration yet in addition significantly more than that. The state is the home to 16 clans and every one of these clans can be recognized by their vivid ensemble, jewelleries and headgears. Nagaland is a brilliant spot. The uneven state is likewise known for beautiful scenes in the Dzukou Valley and is additionally known for its variety in bird populace. The normal excellence and the native appeal of Nagaland have made this express a sought after objective for voyagers and for every one of the people who look for a little contrast in their movement.


Wrapped up the super southwest corner, Tripura is one of the least visited locales of the nation and exceptionally less is had some significant awareness of its attractions. Wealthy in perfect scenes, thick timberlands, lavish green slopes and rock cut sanctuaries with a sprinkle of history and legacy, Tripura is an explorers' enjoyment. With five mountain ranges and delightful valleys, the state has a novel mix of nature, legacy and wild.


Sikkim, a small state concealed inside the eastern Himalayan reaches is enrapturing past creative mind. With the Kanchenjunga ranges approaching in the distance as its watchman god, Sikkim is a varied blend of nature, scene, elevated Himalayan pinnacles, heavenly lakes and wonderful cloisters. The interesting villas of Sikkim in the midst of the valleys and knolls with its beguiling individuals make for extraordinary objections. Here the speed of life is slow and you can appreciate nature settled. Numerous unique paths, bold traveling courses, timberland trails are a portion of the attractions of Sikkim making it one of the sought after objections for experience devotees. Sikkim is a brilliant objective in the upper east and brings something to the table for every sort of explorer.



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