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vijay wrote:

NDTV is not a Congress supporter by any yardstick. She has denied her marrige many times. If she spoke well be gracious to acept it. Please do not look everything from Congress/BJP angle. The world is much bigger. 

This is exactly what Barkha Dutt also spoke on the occasion. The debate was on intolerance but some orators including Anupam Kher made this a Congress BJP issue.  Kajol was more relevant than Anupam Kher, who only looked more emotional.  


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Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
usha manohar wrote:

I would take anything Madame Barkha Dutt says with a fistful of salt since she is totally unreliable and biased , and  has a way of forcing her views on others , going o the extent of mocking and passing ungracious comments while interviewing people ..

True...there is a reason why she and others of her kind have been dubbed as presstitutes! It has also recently come to light how the way she behaved in Kargil brought about damage and loss to our troops, she did everything possible in order to gain TRPs for herself and her channel without thinking of what it would do to the country. Whatever she says, even if its true or sensible, no one will ever take her seriously now, except for the pseudo-intellectuals who are closely related to the likes of her!

Arnab Goswamy with all his screaming is far better than her because he is fair and all politicians get the same treatment from him..But this lady is the limit, each time I try to see something positive in her but she always rubs you wrong with her high handed , know all attitude ! 

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

suni51 wrote:

@vijay, part of the game mate, so take it as we all taking the great debates going on everywhere. As our seniors tell us we get just what we deserve beer.png

Probably they say it in reference to the government but the level of tolerance should not go down :)

It is not a question of taking. One is mature enough to do so. It is when crude attempts are made in form of personal attacks especially attacking ones religion, patriotism and self glorification instead of meeting arguments with knowledge. Let us close now.


Indeed it is a right attack by the great personality to bring to light the real facts and to stand by the truth. It was a sight to behold the impressive oratory skills of anupam kher on display. 

Life is like a boat in a sea, there is a lot to learn, so never close your mind to your limited experiences!

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