hi frnz, i have seen many people searchin for online jobs. many of them are students only. because they need money for their pockets. in tat case i am also the one who was looking for an online job. i tried many part time jobs like PPC, SURVEYS.but none of them clicked me.

at last i heard abt google adsense. i tried my hand in this job. the first account i created was banned as i did not do properly. i clicked on all the ads. then after getting baned i got to knw abt adsense how to do it and in what way.

at last after getting to know abt google adsense, i started a new account and from that account i earned Rs.15000. this made me feel happy.and the important thing is that my account won't get BANNED...  i wud like to share sme tips abt this adsense:

1. try ur best to bring max. traffic to ur site or blog

2. don try to exchange click with others

3. don ask your friends to click on the ads out of forcement

4. send ur blog or site to all ur known ones

5. upload your sites to all search engines



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