The magic of Google Adsense is what makes a truly passive income possible. Wouldn't it be great if you could dig a canal which allowed you to have a constant stream of money? Naturally as I am about to open up these revenue generating avenues for you, I would appreciate it if you used my referral links to sign up for these sites. I can also act as a mentor for you if you sign up using my links. Any help needed on the sites once you sign up, just contact me on the relevant site.


The ultimate online community. It allows you to write what you will in your "hubs"which are like stand alone pages. If you want you can write related hubs and master a niche. Or you can write about anything you wish in different categories. You are also allowed access to several experienced bloggers and hubber. They are usually very helpful to newbies with questions. The revenue generation on hubpages is not limited to Google Adsense. You are also allowed an Amazon capsule to sell things as an amazon affiliate. Plus you can sign up for Kontera Ads to be shown on your hubs as well. However since Kontera literally needs thousands of hits to make a dollar you may not get too much money out of it with your hubs. Although joining up is free, to maintain the site they do need some cash, so they allow you to display your Google Adsense Id 60% of the time and the remaining 40% they show thier own


While hubpages takes 40% of the google adsense display time, Xomba has no such problem. They allow you to use your adsense publisher id on all your content all through the time. They add thier own pop ups to cover their expenses. This can be a bit irritationg, but hey they need to make money to cover their expenses. At Xomba you have the option of posting Xombytes which are like small blog posts dealing with any topic you like. The other option is of posting Xomblurbs. A xomblurb allows you to share any interesting websites that you have come accoss along with a fifty word description. This is akin to the social bookmarking sites. It is also a much abused system as many people jam you with information of their own websites. 


Amongst all the creative sorts, this has to be the most popular site. The poets and short story writers should head this way. The community is very appreciative and supporting. You get tips and help from them as well as a number of compliments. The site used to pay you revenue generated via paypal if you crossed .50 cents in the month. Which is quite easy for a prolific writer to do. However as of this month they have also enabled you to display your own google adsense ads on your content. This brings in a few more clicks each month. Some of the sites that they publish content to have good alexa and google page rankings. They also are free to join. All content that you submit to them will be moderated. So make sure you get your writing in order before submitting anything. They don't have a referral system as yet.


Those of you wishing that you could do more than write are ideal for Flixya. You can share videos, photos and blogs with your audience here. So if you can not write well, or consistently, you can add media to the site and still make money. Naturally the photos and videos you add will have to be originals and not some one else's work. No plagarism and no mature stuff please, as that will result in your account getting banned. That means your Google Adsense account will shut down and any money you made will also disappear with it. Also you can make friends with the community which is more than willing to hit your content for clicks if you hit them back.They don't have a referral system as yet either.

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