Before going forward in this article i assume that you have a blog in Internet. Because this article discusses about how to place google ads for free in your blog and earn money. If you don't have a blog please read my article "Steps To Create A Free Blog In Internet" in this website. Before starting let us understand some basic facts about Google Adsense.

Things to know before starting

  • What is Google Adsense ?
    Google displays their ads in the websites and this ad blocks are called Google Adsense. You might have seen google ads in several websites, which shows a description- Ads by Google
  • Why Google pays you for displaying their ads in your Blog/websites. 
    Google has many advertisers and those advertisers are willing to display their ads in other websites. Google gets advertisements from these advertisers and display their ads in other Blogs/Websites. If some one visits your Blog/ Website and clicks those ads in your page, you will be paid by google for each clicks. Google doesn't reveal how much they pay for each click. The amount depends on advertisers how much they pay for google.
  • Can You click ads in your website to increase your earnings ? 
    YOU SHOULD NOT Click ads in your Blog/Website. Google tracks all Invalid/Fraud clicks and if they found such activities from your website, Google will ban your account and all your earnings will be lost.
  • When will you receive payments from Google?
    All your payment related questions are answered in your google adsense account. So i dond waste my time here regarding such issues.

How to apply for Google adsense?

To place google ads in your blog you must have an adsense account. You can create it going to It will take only a couple of minutes  to create an account. But google will take one or two business days to approve your account after review. Once you get approval from Google adsense, you can place google ads in your blog website. In this article i will explain how to place google ads in your blog website and start earning money.

Step > 1

Go to and login using your Gmail Id and password. CLICK 'Template' link as shown below.


Step > 2

Now CLICK the 'Add a page element' link as shown in the image below


Step > 3

Now you will get a pop up window. In this window you ewill have many options. You have to CLICK 'Adsense' option as shown in the image below.


Step > 4

Now you will get a page as shown below. CLICK 'Sign in' to place your adsense code in you blog.


Step > 5

Now enter your Gmail id which you used while applying Google Adsense and fill the details. See the image below.



Step > 6

Now you will get a page as shown below. You can select your ad format to display in your blog website.


Step > 7

Once you select your ad format, CLICK 'Save changes' link.


Step > 8

Now you have succesfully added the adsense to your blog website. Your adsense page element is placed as shown in the image below.


Step > 9

Now you can place the adsense page element by pressing and dragging your mouse to the top of the page as shown in the below image.


Step > 10

Now you have to follow the steps as shown in the below image. For that CLICK 'Save' button and CLICK 'View blog' as i have shown.


Step > 11

Now you have successfully added your ad in your blog website.  You can see the below page with your google ads.


How is this.? Great ? Now start earning money from your blog. But merely posting google ad is not enough to bring you money. You have to market your blog well in internet. Then only you can have a good traffic to your blog. I hope that i can write an article about 'how to market your blog/website in internet' in the nearest future.


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