Since you are visiting this webpage I am sure you are searching for some kind of online job. You are looking for a job from which you can earn easily staying at your home in your free time. Such kinds of home based jobs are the first choice of students, professional, housewives and retired persons.

I was also searching for these home based jobs during my Engineering degree; because I don’t like to ask for money every time. I wanted to be financially independent. In those days, I joined lots of sites that claim to provide hundreds of dollars for doing some work.
But all those were fake and I was so much frustrated that I decided never to join such online jobs.

Then after completion of my degree, I was preparing for my Master degree exam. One day I received an Email from my friend Rajiv. In that email he wrote about his new online job from which he just received the cheque of 1050 rupees. First I thought he was just joking, but later that night I called him and he replied how he is earning by writing articles. I was really looking for that type of online job for so many years.

Next morning I joined that site; it was an Indian site which gives money for writing articles. I read its FAQs page and visited the community to get an idea how this site works. Within 30 minutes I started writing my first article named “why India lost T20 world cup”. Then I published my article for review by the editors.

After 3 hours when I visited again, I found my article was approved and published on the site. Wow, that was really an exciting moment for me because I got 50 rupees for my single article. So, I continued my work there and published some articles. Frankly speaking, I am not a professional writer. I write on those topics in which I have little bit knowledge. For example: Articles on Education, Entertainment, Computers & Technology and Health etc.

I completed the minimum amount for payment (Rs. 1000) within 15 days. After that they asked me for my personal details before sending the cheque. And within a week I received my first payment from them. I can never forget that beautiful day when I got payment for my online work. Currently, I am also writing articles for them and getting payment regularly. It’s really a nice experience!!

Do you want to visit that online job site which changed my life? Ok, here I am giving the link . Just visit this site at least once and tell me yours Success story!!


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