Several times I encounter this question from my friends as well as in different online forums. Earning from online job is very easy provided you are in the right website. There are thousands of websites that claim to provide such online jobs. But my advice to you is before joining any site, search about that site in Google, social networking sites and in forums. The best thing is that you join some website that has proved record of genuine payment, otherwise take your friends suggestion.

You can earn money by writing contents, reading emails, clicking on ads, using Google adsense, referring friends, conducting surveys and typing data. These are some home based jobs to earn money. In this article I am going to describe about content writing jobs.

Content writers are in great demand in the modern age of Internet. Every site needs fresh and relevant content to achieve better Search engine ranking. So, they need common people like you who can share knowledge with the world and you will be paid according to your articles. You must be thinking what their profit is; Millions of people are searching for relevant information daily on World Wide Web. If you write good quality articles rich in keywords, then more visitors will come to that site. And the site owner earns profit by advertising and using Adsense from your articles. I can suggest you one such genuine site that pays for writing articles.

The link is here . It is paying me regularly; you can visit its Forum and ask any queries, also check out the top earners and the most paid articles. Boddunan is a newly launched Indian site that is growing rapidly. So far there are around 3300 registered members. The most important thing is that it’s totally free to join.

You can earn up to 100 rupees per articles by sharing your knowledge. You can write articles on any topic like Business, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Health, Programming, Sports, Technology and Science and so on. You don’t need to be a professional writer to publish articles. Little bit knowledge in English and in that topic is sufficient. But never copy articles from any other website because the editors check your article properly before approving.

There are several other ways to earn money in boddunan. You can invite your friends to join and you will get up to 250 rupees per referrals, submit web links and you will be paid 5 rupees per link, and also participate in regular contests to increase your earning. Finally, you will receive the payment by cheque when minimum amount Rs. 1000 is reached. I reached the 1000 mark in just ten days.

I hope you will enjoy working with boddunan!! Just visit this link... .        

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