Now days there are 1000 way to earn money from on line.

But this is not easy for every one because it needs lot of hard work and a good brain to attract other viewers so that some one can earn money.

Because On line income always comes from the advertisement revenue.

Either you make a web site and write a blog get approved from some publisher show there advertisements on your sites and Earn money.

But it is always not so easy because getting traffic to our site/blog is very very difficult if we do not write up to that level/.

But now days other options are also available to publish our advertise on other's site.

This is called adsnse revenue sharing.

That means we will link our adsense id with there sites and where ever we write or publish some articles or any information on that page they Will show our ads and for that they charge some part of our revenue.

some time 10% and some sites are there who charge 50% of the revenue.

What ever may be but it is beneficial to us ebcause atleast we earn some money because we get free traffic to our publishing material for them only.

so friends if you want to earn more and more money instead of searching any other ways I suggest way just join some adsense revenue sharing program sites and write article for them and earn good money from them.


google adsense earning is the best ever online money making programm ,My adsese earning are around $45-$50each month and I am increasing my adsense earning by joining this type revenue sharing sites

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