Today's era is the era of science. Man is moving towards material happiness. As a result, there has been unprecedented progress in this era of physics. New inventions are happening every day. Man has been conquering nature with his intelligence. Today's scientists have made the impossible possible and the impossible impossible. The poet is right


“In water, in land and in Vyom, today we have our campaign.


Knowledge of country and foreign affairs, sitting at home and doing knowledge.


Today, making the impossible possible, gives human knowledge.


Human science successful in making land a paradise today "


In fact, the miracles of science seen in this era are unprecedented in the history of mankind.


Origin of Science


In the seventeenth century, there was a wave of revolution in the countries of the West. There was such a flame in this wave that the nation of the nation and the nation of the nation exploded and the spirituality was consumed. According to the 'Hungry Bhajan Nahi Gopala', everyone was fed with bread and clothes.


New means began to be discovered. Yantras and Kalanas were born. The whole world was affected by the industrial revolution of Europe and the glare of science started spreading all around.


By the nineteenth century, science reached the pinnacle of progress and today we are amazed to see the dazzling wonders of science all around us. These miracles of science have made humans very happy and luxurious. Has provided all kinds of facilities to him.


Means of transport-

Traveling far and wide was an extremely difficult task in the olden times. Traveling with bullock carts, camels, horses or similar slop mill vehicles was very difficult. The fear of thieves and bandits was always on the way.

Gangs had to be made to move like strollers and take months. But today trains pushing on the chest of the earth deliver anywhere from within minutes. Bus, car and motorcycle are such rides that short journey has become very easy.

Ships from the sea chests, ships ship from one country to another. We talk to the air while sitting in an airplane, wandering in a free-flowing sky, and now the human has reached the moon and is trying to make his residence there. These amazing miracles of science have made the journey of months in days, and in hours of days and hours in minutes.



Science has great importance. In ancient times books were not written at all and even if written, they had to be written by hand. It used to take years to write a book, so the value of books was so high that ordinary people could not buy them.

The work of education was very difficult, but the invention of printing machine has made human knowledge safe and accessible. Today, books, newspapers and magazines are printed with the help of machines, which has led to development in all areas of education, business, politics etc.

Today, it has become easy to protect human knowledge from one generation to the next, medical science has trained mankind with terrible diseases. Science has invented many medicines which act as panacea on severe diseases.

Science has made possible the modification of simple organs like hand and foot etc. through the operation, from the brain and heart to the poignant organs. Who will not accept the importance of science by seeing this amazing utility?



Science has provided various entertainment aids such as tapestry, radio, television, tape recorder etc. Tired of the burden of work throughout the day, in the evening the way the body wants food for the body, similarly it wants entertainment for the mind. The cinema, TV programs and radio movements relieve his mental fatigue.


News dispatch

There was a time when human beings were able to know the news of their distant loved ones with great difficulty. Science has overcome this difficulty. Now news can be sent anywhere in the hours by telegram.

You can talk to friends from one city to another and friends from one country to another country, sitting at home by telephone. Inventions such as wireless wire and television have also defeated Aladdin's lamp.


Other miracles-

Apart from this, science has presented many amazing miracles. Good-to-good factories are being built from one who originated the goods. The pace of development is increasing. New means of farming are being invented.

Electricity has made the world a paradise, the distinction of day and night has ended. Summer and winter are now nominal. Thousands of men now do a machine with electric power. Creating electricity from cow dung is also a new invention. Science has proved to be a boon for mankind.

Who would not accept the importance of the miracles described? But there is another side to it. Science has made man lazy and worthless. Science has produced weapons that can prove fatal to humanity.

Science has given man the power of the devil that a country can be consumed in a few hours or minutes. In this way science can become a curse for man.

But there is no doubt that if science is used in front of human interest, then it can prove to be a great boon and great boon for humanity. The famous English playwright Shakespeare has rightly said-

"Nothing in the world is good nor bad." Human intelligence makes it harmful or beneficial for itself. "

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