"Winter is here, Why do u fear? 

We are not going to fall sick, dear"

My mother told me with a smile assuring, 

But i knew that the cold was all consuming

"What if I catch cold, mum? 

How can I play then on the muddy swamp? "

I asked with a anxious look, 

To show that my concern could not be overlooked;

"If u catch cold ,deer , I will give you Medictated    herbs , 

And find you warm blankets and cloths that will heat your nerves";

" What if father catches cold mum? "

I asked as gravely as possible, 

So that my voice could be notable;

" If father falls sick, I will take him to a walk nearby, where I will help him find the herbs and grasses that will prevent him to die "

I was still concerned and asked her one last question, 

To really see if she could handle such situation, 

" What if you fall sick, mum? "

I asked with a glance unforgettable, 

To show my concern about her valuable health;

To this question, she thought something, and then said, 

" I can not be sick because I am a mother after all, And I am always taking my medicine "

"I don't see you taking the medicine, mum!", I asked furiously 

" I take the medicine of caring, 

 And Humans tell that the one who cares, will not ever fall sick"

"Humans? ", I asked curiously

This question made her surprised

"Oh dear! have you forgotten that we are deers? "


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