• "Winter is here, Why do u fear? 

    We are not going to fall sick, dear"

    My mother told me with a smile assuring, 

    But i knew that the cold was all consuming

    "What if I catch cold, mum? 

    How can I play then on the muddy swamp? "


  • Diwali,a festival of light is a celebrated in India in season of starting winter. It is very popular Hindu festival known for lightning,fire cracking and sweet sharing festivity. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Hindus and also in other religious

  • Marriage is the simple word which triggers a blend of emotions among unmarried youngsters.Each and every person will a dream about their wedding at some point of their life and they have some expectation about their life partner but most of them forget to think that even their too parents have

  • Teenagers likes  to spend money to fulfill their desires and their needs on buying smartphones, sports bike going for trips with friends or saving for further studies. 

    But for that first they need to work and earn money. But unfortunately most of them actually starts earning

  • I remember very clearly three years ago when I bought my pet. Ever since that day, those white fluffy furs and cute little red eyes of my dear white mouse still hovers around my eyes and mind. The first time I saw her in the pet shop and instantly, I made the decision of bringing her home. I

  • Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on larger scale in North India. Usually there is a fun fair with lot of rides for children. There are magicians performing shows and several eatable stalls. As a child I used to visit those fairs but since I grew up all those things stopped. I still miss those

  • If you love someone , go for it . what are you afraid of ? Rejection? Are you sure you will get rejected ? Why not give it a try? Even if you got rejected ,you will atleast have mental peace that you atleast confessed.You will learn a lesson from it . Sitting at a place and doing nothing .

  • Sāṣṭāṅga:

    Lay down on your belly

    Touch 8 point of your body to the ground-

  • After the common cold, the next thing,but the best thing that catches us quickly is a smile. A comic show on the telly, a baby that gives us a drooling smile in the train, an empathetic stranger in a long winding queue, anything makes you smile as a rejoinder.

    Reading the facial

  • All when grandparents enter the scene discipline flies out of the window explain it with your sweet memories.



  • With over 2.5 billion dynamic clients in 190 nations, Android is the most famous working framework on the planet. Since its origin, Android has filled in prevalence many years. Through its prominence in arising countries, Android has kept on growing at an incredible rate in India. The

  • In the life of hustle bustle , everyone has to relax or entertain gor sometime .Here we came you for telling ,

            TOP 5 HORROR MOVIES.





  • Our Kid are our world, we do lot of things to make them happy . They also try to make us happy in their own way by doing small small things. So what are those small things that your kid has done which brings smile to ur face even now?

  • When life is filled only with troubles and problems, you feel now nothing is in living, better to die, think again what's in death, life makes everyone cry some of them fail to cope and go for suicide. 

    At least once such a situation comes in front of everyone, when we do not get

  • We all find ourselves in tough situations every now and then. Who is the first whom you approach or confide with in such situations.

    For me i always go to my dad. He lets me know how to handle the situation. Sometimes i dont take his advice, but talking to him i feel comforted and

  • There was a time in India not so long ago when joint family existed. Each family consisted of the patriarch, usually a grand father and grand mother, then you had the parents, uncles, aunties, cousins and kids all living happily under one roof.

    Every house was modest if not palatial and

  • ...