In fact, the long-lived elderly should be allowed to engage in occupations that allow them to grow with each small task. Adolescence is a time when children are beginning to question their own abilities, so giving them things to do that they can take responsibility for will be important in developing them as confident people and personalities. Adolescence is also a time when children are most vulnerable to outside influences, so it is important to provide them with guidance so that they are on the right path. As we know, having a job means having an income. The financial stability of the family, whether rich or not, has a huge influence on the fate of the child. Employment can provide young people with the financial support they need for a better and brighter future in addition to instill a sense of responsibility. When children start working, they come in close contact with a variety of people and situations. A child must have enough room to develop a positive work environment will encourage them to follow the lead of their elders. In closing, I would like to stress my point that children cannot be expected to grow by keeping them in a shell, making them exposed to reality will only boost their confidence through experience and is essential for them to embrace their identity while committing mistakes and also, one cannot expect 18 years old to behave like an adult if they were kept under a ceiling all their lives. Moreover, it is impossible to expect an eighteen-year-old young man, who lives under one roof all his life, to behave like an adult.

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