Diwali,a festival of light is a celebrated in India in season of starting winter. It is very popular Hindu festival known for lightning,fire cracking and sweet sharing festivity. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Hindus and also in other religious sects.

              India is a vibrant country with its many cultural richness.It has dozens of religion flourishing on  its land and celebrating each other festival.It has a big cultural heritage. Diwali is known for special festival of light. It is considered the most auspicious festival because of its celebration, enjoyment and also seen for bringing lots of prosperity, sanity and sweetness in our family, environment and also to a society. There are many stories that tells us about how this celebration gets started.

                   Different sects believe in different region for its celebration the most famous reason is that,on this day Lord Rama returned from serving his for 14 years exile with wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman.When they returned whole  the Ayodhya City was sanitized, renovated,decorated and lightened for welcoming them. It is celebrated also for the reason because Lord Rama assassinated the Lanka King Ravan for his evil. This festival shows, there is a victory of light over darkness. From that day Lord Rama arrival become a symbol of Deepavali celebration and people of that city started remembering this day as a auspicious day for celebrating their welcome every year with enjoyment and lightning whole the city with little diyas.

                    This festival comes with many other festival also.It is with four or five other celebration done with it. Just a day before Diwali, Dhanteras is celebrated for arrival of Lakshmi and Goddess of wealth in the houses. It is celebrated for appeasing Lakshmi with great sanitation and saving and investing on buying some dishes,pots and other essential things. Just a day after Diwali celebration, there is a Govardhan puja in village area,that is done for worshipping Lord Krishna and just a day after Govardhan puja there is a Bhaiya Dooj celebration. It is not only end but a 6 day later in whole the northern part of India, there is a Dala Chhath celebration that is celebrated for worshipping nature symbol like sun, river and the fruits. In this festival it is also considered a very secret festival and lots of enjoyment,having worshipping nature and sharing sweets with fruits also.

                   Yesterday at 14th November,2020 Diwali celebration overed with enjoyment,happiness and also not got stopping fire breaking. At this festival people enjoying by playing fire cracking. It is mostly enjoyed by children and teenager. It is a something that is not good for our environment. It harms our air,water and sound because it creates lots of smoke, sound pollution that is not good for older people and respiration related suffering people. Not only this but,it is also a risky for the children who play with it. It may cause burning,wound and injury. Seeing these all now it is started debate to celebrate diwali with eco friendly measure. Like not polluting our air,sound and water but playing,sharing alots with our known,familiar and neighbours.

                       So in the end, I am concluding that Diwali is a very enjoyable festival. It brings lots of prosperity, sanity and friendliness in our society. At this day we come to interact ,share,distribute our lots of with our family and known people. With this wish the day after lightning brings lots of harmony, prosperity and joy in your life. keep on enjoying....Thank you...




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