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This contest for this week is extended...

Hope to get better response...

Aastha Gupta
Hello All

THe response to this contest is not up to the mark. Hence there will be only one winner this time..

The winner is
: Kalyani Nandurkar

Caption: "Even if I don't catch any fish, my Gandhigiri will at least wake up the authorities"

15 points
bonus goes to:
Deepti, Abid Areacode, Gulshan Kumar Ajmani, Kalyani Nandurkar, Ronark Bhardwaj, Rajani K, Kavita Porwal, Raaj M(Dreamer)

Congratulations All!!

Aastha Gupta
WOW GREAT!!!! :) :) :)

Thanks a lot Aastha for declaring me a winner! My warm wishes to all the other participants too! :) :) :)

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Congratulation! Kalyani for winning the contest.
I wanted to clarify that your post and mine were very much same,indicating to the point. You have posted before, i have posted. But believe me, i haven't copied you. I later saw after posting that your post and mine are very much similar. I think, moderator have thought that ronark has copied her post, thatswhy not to select as winner. I once again tell that i swear to god, i haven't copied, i just don't know, how our post were similar.

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Many congratulations to you Kalyani for winning the caption writing contest.!!!
Congratulation Kalyani on winning award. But I wish to ask Is there any minimum limit on words in caption. I believe that the caption should be short.

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Ronark, Gulshan and Nagalakshmi thank you for your wishes!!

Ronark, I am unable to answer your question, you may not have copied from my post, but again declaring the winner etc. is up to the moderator's discretion, Aastha will be able to answer it!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Many congratulations to you kalyani for winning the contests.....
Congrats Kalyani.. :)

This image is very nice Aastha.. Thanks for the wonderful image contests.. :) \

Thanks 'n' Regards,

Thanks for the motivation dear..

@Ronark and @Kalyani..

I have not thought even that your and Kalyani's caption is same or similar, both are different may be just a bit.

There is no such issue, only I found Kalyani's caption more appealing...

Hope I am clear..


Aastha Gupta
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