Suraj was sitting on a train. He was leaving Kolkata forever. He was excited but guilty. It was raining outside, and a few raindrops were sliding down the window. But a few raindrops were sliding down through his eyes too. Suraj had left the love of his life behind, and he was thinking about her on the journey.

The story began 3 years ago. When he met a girl, Kritika. She joined the same tuition class for the third year. She knew no one there. Suraj's friends were also absent. Kritika entered the class late, the classroom was full, except for one seat next to Suraj. Maybe destiny wanted them to meet. She looked at him for a couple of seconds, then walked and sat there. Suraj hesitated for a moment, her blue eyes and curly brown hairs were attracting him, he couldn't look directly at her face.

After the class was over when Suraj was leaving, Kritika called him.

“Hi, can you give me today's notes?” she asked, “I think I've missed some of the beginning.”

“Sure.” He said and took out his notebook.

“Thank you.” she smiled, and then clicked pictures of the two pages from that notebook.

“By the way, I'm Kritika.”


After looking at it for a few seconds, she asked, “Is everything in this notebook? From the first day of the class?” She had joined the tuition 2 months late.

“Not everything," he said, “I'll bring that notebook tomorrow.”

“Or send it today if possible? I'm in the tuition group, sir added me yesterday.”

“Okay, I'll remember.”



In the next class, Suraj introduced her to his friends, Umang, Priya, and Ritika.

Almost a month later, Suraj told his friends he has a crush on Kritika. They started dating and everything was going fine. The more he got to know her, the more he falls for her. And he had a feeling that she also feels something for him. There was a spark between them, that was about to be turned into fire.

One day, Suraj told Priya, who was his best friend, “I'm going to propose to her.”

“Great! And how will you do it?”

“It's a surprise.”

“It must be a good one. Or else I'll kill you. Understand?”

“Of course, it'll be good. And I need your help.”

Two days later, Priya convinced Kritika to come to her guest house with Umang and Ritika for a party. When Kritika asked about Suraj, she said Suraj won't come because he is sick. Priya and Kritika went there.

“Umang and Ritika will be late.” Priya said.


They stepped inside. Priya left telling her to wait, “Just stay here for a minute. I'll ask them where they are.”

Just when she left and Kritika was looking at the room, there was a little red and blue lighting. Suddenly, a sweet romantic song began in low voice, her favorite one. Then Suraj entered, with her favorite lily flowers in one hand.

Suraj came back to reality when the train stopped at a platform. Suraj realized the next station is Gujarat. He took out his luggage and moved near the gate. He looked at his phone, he still had five minutes to reach. The train stopped in Gujarat. Suraj stayed at his cousin's for a few days, then rented a room for his own. He always wanted to work in Gujarat, and now he had a job there.

Two months passed away, not a single day he had not think about her. Suraj realized he was not as happy living away from her, as much he was excited at first. The fire inside him started to burn him to the core. He couldn't wait. He wanted to come back to Kolkata. The first thing he did was started applying for the same job in Kolkata.

Kritika called him, but most of the time he couldn't accept. He was almost always busy with job applications. For two months, they fought most times. Kritika was mad at him for ignoring her. Suraj didn't tell her that he is trying to come close to her. Then one day, when he was working on his computer, an email was sent to him, he was appointed to a job in Kolkata after the online interview, with better pay and benefits and job security. He once went to Kolkata for an interview but didn't meet Kritika as he wanted to surprise her after the job confirmation. He couldn't sleep that night. It was Friday, the company told him to join by Monday. He brought a flight ticket to Kolkata for Saturday.

The next day, Suraj was sitting at the airport. His flight was about to come in an hour, but he couldn't wait. He brought a blank notebook and started writing something for her during his journey. Starting from the first page, he wrote everything from the day he met her and everything he felt for her.

When he reached Kolkata, it was night time. The next day, he called Priya in the morning, “Hi. I need your help.”

Priya and Kritika were good friends now. She took Kritika to a coffee shop.

When they entered there, Suraj was standing in front of her, with a notebook in his hand.

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