The man passes through various stages of life, thinking of making his life the best. All luxuries which a person wants in his life lead him or her to various miseries, possess various tests, ups, and downs, and reach to an extent of the thing or maybe to higher levels of success.


When we think of achieving as an individual, we lose. Because we can never have that much energy to attain any success alone. We always need a force whether it is man force, education, machinery, or any other force that reduces our efforts.


Let us say, for example, One person can drink one liter of water and ten persons can drink ten liters. In the same way, one person can perform one task only but if there are many others to join they can do larger work and can earn bigger, and so on.


This way there comes the concept of factories, and companies.


Here in this world are many jobless, even homeless. We can collectively make a group and start earning for ourselves. They only need a leader and an administrator. A manager who will manage them effectively, so that they may work for themselves and partly for the one who gathers them to form a company. 


Simply saying, the money is everywhere on roads, in water, on plains, scattered everywhere. One just needs to pick a big box and collect how much he wants.


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