Expressing something that is beyond the imagination of today's world, especially youths who are just running alongside passionate relations. Telling them that love is a pure thing that even can't be expressed in words. 

                   Let me tell you a story first.

                                        After completing my graduation, I tried to be in a relationship with any girl, like everyone else but no one suited. Although I was flirting with many girls I needed someone special in my life. I wanted my eyes to gaze only one and left everyone aside I wanted my mind to think about only one and finally, I got a call one day at midnight which I didn't respond to. After two days I called that number back and got a sweet voice rejecting everything. Even that person on the other side of the phone was not happy talking to me, but I continued calling for months and one fine day I went out of state, where my contact was lost with every person who was connected to me through the phone. Now after a couple of months, I returned home, and just after I switched on my phone I got her call. With a smile on my face but not knowing who is on phone, I repeated the name of every girl whom I met in my life, but she gently spoke I am not anyone among these. And this is how the love story begins...


               Now after talking for several years and getting closer and closer we got a special bonding. But I always had a problem with talking or we can say flirting with other girls. This habit of mine ruined our relationship. I lost her after seven years. I tried everything to get her back but all goes in vain. So I decided to stay alone.

 After some six months, she came back into my life but still with the same problems of flirting with other girls creating holes in our relationship. It is the eighth year and she still loves me soo much, but from me, she is only getting pain.


         Writing this article I only have one thing to say if you are not happy with someone, just end. Don't hurt the person who loved you even if it was for a single day. Because there are people in this world who do not have anyone to listen to them. 

 If you decide to love anyone, prepare yourself for this thing first. Accept his or her flaws and move on happily. Life is so short, we do not have that much time to spend it hurting other people.

Thanks, Readers.





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