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my caption is

"From Sita to Panchali,will anyone hear me?"

Swetha Shenoy
Still no more new participants.Members why are you keeping away.Is there any method to keep this thread in front?

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"RAISE her...don't ERASE her"

My entry.



Multiply trees not humans

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

My caption;
Leave aside tiger and rhino, save the most important endangered species- GIRL CHILD.
It is extended.

I hope, participation will increase..

Aastha Gupta
My entry for the contest is
"The only god whom you can see, feel, talk and sense is Women. Let her live her life."
My caption would be

"Be aware of population explosion before its too late"
Hello All

Winners for this contest are:

Winner: Swetha Shenoy
Caption:"From Sita to Panchali,will anyone hear me?"

Runner: Pearl Leo
Caption:"RAISE her...don't ERASE her"

Congratulations Swetha and Pearl!!

15 points bonus goes to:

Abid Areacode, Gulshan Kumar Ajmani, Pearl Leo, Swetha Shenoy, nagalakshmi.karunanidhi, Abhishek Dua, Pradeep Kumar Nanda, Ashokkumar, Deivigan, sumit, RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY

Congratulations All...

Aastha Gupta
My heartiest congratulations to swetha and pearl leo for winning the contest and to all who participated...
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