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Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome.It seems the content of this thread has struck a common chord amongst all the members except Abid.I agree with him that nothing should be taken to the point of addiction but all things said and done we have to accept that all we are human beings.Sometimes it is emotion,sometimes it is cold logic which guides our actions.What do you think?
First of all Welcome back Chinmoy..I think forum will rock again ...
It is true somehow we feel that we are missing Boddunan but as said by Abid it should not be an addiction.. I just dont take emotional but feel that missed something today if i couldnt visit boddunan..
Chinmoy- i agree. Apart from Boddunan, you were also always in my mind. Due to acute sickness of my father, I am also not able to contribute significantly on Boddunan. But the site as well as other colleagues/ members are always in mind.

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It is true that you once you interact with someone on a daily basis you do form a kind of bond with that person. Boddunan is such a forum where I think we have all bonded really well.

Gulshan, I hope your father is well and doing good now!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)


I am very sad to learn your father's illness and hope he's got over this.I wish him a speedy recovery.Please keep us posted.
This time lot of new members which are more active like Rekha garg, ravishankar prasad, pankaj etc so after us they are rain, youraj, and rohit sharma of boddunan team.
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Oh, it's back once again after months! I keep on and love to repeat it and my feelings are vindicated with the return of so many senior members!
Yes, I agree with you.It's true, Boddunan is in our mind, Everywhere and everytime. :cheer: :cheer:

Be positive
Ya you are right, I am absent for past one year due to my personal work..But Boddunan is always in my mind......
Thanks to boddunan for the revenue sharing program
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