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yes though we are busy with some other work but we think about boddunan

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

I have joined only about a month and a half back, but after actively participating from the last 20-25 days I am truly enjoying it. In fact, my fingers go to the Boddunan site for opening it every time I open my computer. It is as if I am addicted to Boddunan now.
Thats right on the day when i can't online on boddunan . i miss something in that day.
yes if we wont work in boddunan for one day we feel something is missing. while working in boddunan I never feel am working in a site. i feel i am working a company

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

I agree with the subject but if you are really busy with some important work from continuous a week or so, then you dont have time to think about Boddunan. this is what i feel
It is true that you once you interact with someone on a daily basis you do form a kind of bond with that person. Boddunan is such a forum where I think we have all bonded really well.

Gulshan, I hope your father is well and doing good now!

relationships are strong here...than in any other social networking site.
It's truly fascinating to know that even new members have been sharing these sentiments of mine!!
Chinmoy, Welcome back
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yes anyone who read this post will definetely share their sentiments.
Chinmoy dada welcome back after a long gap.The above quataion proves right-"If You Are Out of Boddunan,Boddunan is Not Out of You!"
welcome back to boddunan chinmay.
Again good writer and activator of forum back to boddunan. we are happy to see you back

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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