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Yes that should be promoted. And i like to add his testimonial in my boddunan presentation video too
Congrats Atul P sir on completing one year in Boddunan this will really inspire the new members to give there best.
Congratulations on your first anniversary with Boddunan. :cheer:

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Atul Congratulation for completing 1 year and welcome back to the site, as you remembered after you joined the site you had invited me to join and I join after 23 days of your joining.

Initially I was not aware about this site and Atul had support me a lot .

I am also going to complete my 1 year soon with this site, and still I can say proudly this is India's first site in my life which has very easy criteria to get Rs1000 very easily
Hello Atul,
Very happy to see you back here with full energy. Your testimonial was very good and straight from your heart. I increased one karma for you :)
My Heartily Congratulations to you Atul. :)

It is very good to see a senior member completing one year with Boddunan and sharing all his incidents and memories with this site. This is a very nice experience indeed.

Yes, Hope to see a get-together in the near future.
:) :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
My heartiest congratulations to you Atul!! YOur testimonial is indeed very inspiring for newbies like us and will definitely encourage us to take more efforts and stay with boddunan for a long time!!

:) :) :)

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Thanks Friends,

All your words have made me feel missed out lots of fun in last 6 months on Boddunan.
And really thankful to make my testiminial to the homepage.
Two days ago, Santosh kumar singh, top member, messaged me and asked me about my absence and his journey to the top of the list.I feel every member should have an open mind to take up all things and implement only good ideas.
My Energy and attitude is still the same. Maverick and Swetha knows me more as a person.
Thanks everyone for welcoming be once again.
I hope we can together take boddunan to more higher level and have an official invitation of get-together from BST.
-Atul B
Sure! It is very much possible to add dynamism and vibrancy to this site with members like you.
Thanks great Atul. Hope you would rock in Boddunan from now!!! :)

And also waiting to see an official invitation regarding get-together soon :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
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