I first started my fitness journey way back when i was 13 years old, in 2016. I tried various methods to improve my physique, started from basic bodyweight exercises to advanced training principles later on in the coming years, but the process of developing your body is a very slow and tedious process, it requires immense patience and strict rigidity to the diet and training methods. Everyone nowadays want to see results quickly die to the influence on social media sites, as people there use enhanced medicinal drugs to achieve there physique, the naïve youth of India falls prey to this deceiving culture. They try to procure these drugs in the states itself where it is nearly impossible to get the original product, as the population is so high the originality of the products comes into question. Even if the products are genuine the youth does not understand the repercussions to even using these, nor do they have a coach who can guide them, and then they fall victim to various diseases and problems. Where they started out to become thd best version of themselves they have indirectly obstructed their bodies to function normally.

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