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Friends one more member completes one year today.
Vijay see his testimonial:

-Atul B
Atul, Hope you haven't given the correct url.

Here is the url that directs to the thread. :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Thanks Deepti for correcting me.
I have edited the post now.

-Atul B
welcome back Atul P Barapatre. Congrats...

Vijay U
Active members like you are very important for Boddunan and its goot to see that your back.
Yes, When I signed in this site I saw this name at many places, but not coming into light.Now this come back is a strength to this community

Visit my blogs:
Thanks Everyone for your welcome.
And now I feel myself an important part of this community again.

-Atul B
I think you are an important part and hope you would always remain so!
Dear Atul,

Buddy,congratulations for successful completion of one year!!

I thought we would have one more get together to discuss new strategies for our website!!

Now since you have woken up,let me also awake in the lightening of our website!

take care and I wish to see you grow old here!!

Swetha Shenoy

Swetha Shenoy
Hi swetha!

are you alive? you were one of the active member and a moderator. but i could not see you these days!
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