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Hello Friends,
I completed my one year at Boddunan. I joined on 26th June 2009 with an aim of earning some pocket. I am 15th member of this community, who wasn't sure whether this site pays or not.

It took me some days to get the working of the site, as intially I thought there is no role here for me.I copied many articles mainly searching from Google but eventually rejected and deleted. It was really disheartening for me as I was hardly earning anything.

I stopped posting articles and started concentrating on the small-small developments of the website. Later on I was promoted to the 'Moderator' by BST. There on I dedicated more time to the site work and less articles and used to be more active on forums.

I was never a good writer neither reader but boddunan made a good reader. Writing articles is still much difficult for me. Soon later unofficially I started Editing Articles. I then got promoted to Editor level.

But unfortunately due to my Job timings I lost my track from boddunan. Thereafter when I totally stopped visiting the site. BST restored me as a normal member. :(

In January 2010, Engagement of my elder brother was fixed in Hyderabad, this was my first moment when I asked Swetha Shenoy and Maverick for a get-together,but when I(and swetha) realised that we can also include our boddunan members we posted open invitation on forums about the same. Unfortunately only we three(myself, Swetha Shenoy and Sridhar Kesireddy) idiots attended the get-together.
I hope the 2nd get-together of our boddunan community will be planned in near future.

I used to poke maverick in-between and get the updates about him and the site.

After a long sleep, I am now awake to get back on the site work and help the new members to earn more. :laugh:

Maverick has showed his interest of mine to re-join BST again. Whether I get any senior post or not, I will still contribute as a fellow member. :dry:
For New Members: "Quality matters more than Quantity". Don't Copy-Paste articles, instead write small articles in start if you aren't a good writer. Read other articles to get more cash credit. Use proper Keywords.[/quote]
Boddunan is more than 1 year old and I am very much happy to be associated with it through-out the journey till now.
I wish more and more Editors and moderators join our BST and hepl new members grow. Everyone has equal opportunity to help others in any aspect.


Thanks Boddunan Team for all your Support, Appretiation and the most important: New friends.
-Atul Barapatre
Member since 26-june-2009
(1 year old) :laugh:
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Good to see that you are active here once again. so welcome back Sir after long time.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Thank you said by: kanha Meher
Welcome back Atul. I am very much exited to see an active member like you back on boddunan. Wish you all the best.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

Really its surprise that our old member are coming back now boddunan will grow fast with combination of old and new members.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Thank you said by: Babu G
@Maverick: Thanks for the sweet words.
@Santosh kumar singh: Yes, every member's contribution will make our site go more higher.

Many Ideas in my mind. Will be discussing with the higher official members, soon will ask for some suggestion from all other members.

-Atul B
It will again more surprises for us. We will wait for surprises. You have created excitement yar.

Santosh Kumar Singh


@santosh:Well there's lot of time for those ideas to get implemented. So just have patience and you also think some creative and innovative ideas to you a new dimension to our community.

-Atul B
your testimonial is truly an inspirational one and must be promoted on the front page.
Any way congrats
It's a pleasure to congratulate you on your completing one year in boddunan and hope to see you more frequently in future in the forum.
Congratulations brother. Thanks for sharing your experience in boddunan. even i was like you when i joined this site. nice to see you back here.
Shalu Joseph wrote:
[quote]your testimonial is truly an inspirational one and must be promoted on the front page.
Any way congrats[/quote]

Shalu.. its there on frontpage now.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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