The Queen Of Tragedy.

Today we will talk about such a beautiful actress who should be there for unmatched and vigilant performance, whenever she was seen on screen, she was seen in simplicity and simplicity; In this getup too, she looked gorgeous and her simplistic acting on her, she was the favorite actress of the people of the time, she has done more meaningful and serious roles, due to which she should be known as Tragedy Queen at that time. needed. Used to know, you recognize correctly, I am talking about Meena Kumari.

Meena kumari started working from childhood 

Meena Kumari's family's financial condition was not good. Meena started working from childhood to help the house. From the age of six, he first worked in the 1939 Vijay Bhatt film Leatherface. His real name is mahzabeen, later she became famous as Meena Kumari. Apart from these two names, the housemates used to call Meena Kumari affectionately as Munna.

first Filmfare Best Actress Award.

The 1952 film Baiju Bawra made Meena Kumari famous. Gauri's character, played by Meena Kumari, brought her to door-to-door fame. The film went on screen for 100 weeks and in 1954 won her first Filmfare Best Actress Award.

The film "Pakija" proved to be a milestone in Meena Kumari's film career, it is said that Kamal Amrohi's film took almost fourteen years to be made. When the film was ready and released in 1972, the audience was fascinated by Meena's performance. The film is still remembered for the lively performance of Meena Kumari, who has been awarded the Filmfare Award four times in her film career.

She had no children herself

she was married to the then famous director Kamal Amrohi, Kamal Amrohi was born on January 17, 1918. He was an excellent film director, he produced grand artistic films like Mahal, Pakiza and Razia Sultan. Kamal Amrohi had established herself in Indian cinema as a great lyricist, screenplay and dialogue writer and producer and director, Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi's marriage was unsuccessful, later Kamal Amrohi produced her dream project Pakistanza, Meena Kumari played the main character in the film, she had no children, Meena Kumari ji was very fond of children She had no children herself, so she loved children very much, 

she was a mother-hearted woman.

one day such an incident happened, Pakija cinema was premiered in a theater and Meena Kumari was coming to the hall, everyone crowded to see them, their A little while ahead, a woman was walking with her baby in her lap, then suddenly one of her toe's shoes fell, due to the child being in the lap, her mother was unable to lift the shoe,

Meena Kumari ji saw it and did not care that the crowd is watching them, running quickly, she picked up the shoe and put it on the feet of the girl, such a big star is helping her mother, not caring about her status, I wish only someone could do such a thing, seeing that all of them were shocked, despite not being a mother themselves, she had love and affection for children.

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