K-pop means Korean pop or Korean popular Music. To simplify it ,Do you know the Famous Band BTS or Bangtan Boys that became South korea's Special envoys at UN General assembly recently, is a K-pop band or can be said as the Most Famous K-pop band ever. 

K-pop has gained a millions of followers and recognisation in past 4 years throughout the world gaining its own category Awards at Billboards as "Best K-pop  Song".Having an own category at an American pop Music Awards proves its success. This millions of earning music industry Works in South korea having lakhs of trainees of Teenage ,multiple launching companies and thousands of songs every year. 

But why this music industry gained so much recognisation? K-pop industry had a spike in number of followers ,Its because of its format that diffrentiate it from other pop music Industries. The songs are in Korean mostly and there are diffrent groups of girls and boys,who not only sings but dance too and many of them write and produce their own songs . This level of hardworking got a lot of attention from the world. 

K-pop industry has changed the world phenomena from fans to stans, listening to streaming, singers can dance too, bands to groups etc. And because of having die heart and dedicated fans who stream songs on a large base it gained so much Viewership from the world. 

K-pop industry is one of the biggest part of South Korea's GDP and earning.Also a Cultural representative of South Korea at the world stage.As a lot of world Reports shows that many of the foreign people just learn Korean and want to visit Korea because of getting influenced by these K-pop stars and it become a great revenue earning formula for South Korea. 

It is not right to say that South Korea is earning easily from these K-pop artists as these  artists take years to do hard work and practice to become a K-pop star and even after gaining that level of fans they need to workout, have stringent  rules for diet and have many restrictions over them. Many people at their teenage join this industry but depend on their luck and hardwork  either they became a star or a unknown. 

If we talk about the songs , mostly the songs are in Korean and English with new concepts and ideas. Music Film videos are shooted very vividly with a large budget for background artists and green screens.and takes a lot of editing. The dance choreographies are hard too makes it more unique. 

There are hundreds of K-pop group exists today. Firstly K-pop music gained world attention with PSY's gangam style in 2012. That became a world trend and broke records and from that time K-pop industry is growing with a fast pace till now. Some of the famous groups are BTS, Blackpink,TXT, Stray kids, Red velvet, NCT, Twice, ITZY and many more. 

Even I am a K-pop stan and I started listening to K-pop in 2017 and my addiction grew over it in this period of time. And if we talk about K-pop in India so it is not a lie to say it has  a surge  of followers in the recent 2 years and the biggest reason was lockdown when people discovered about it here. From 2018 when people even do not know about K-pop to 2021 when there are Armies, Blinks, Moas, etc everywhere. K-pop Flashmobs, Birthday projects of K-pop artists, lakhs of followers on local fanpages proves its popularity here in India. 

I would suggest you to listen to K-pop music.You may start With BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, BLACKPINK, ITZY and many more groups. If you look down on K-pop music I suggest you to listen K-pop songs with the translation .Specially BTS your views will totally change. My suggestion to listen to K-pop songs don't even a Percent means that I am restricting  you  to listen Indian music. Because their is no music in the world that can touch the heart of People besides their country's own music. And maybe my suggestion would also answer  your questions about K-pop gaining So much followers in these years 



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