Hi everyone, after 2 years I think am posting a forum. So don't know present status of Boddunan. I mean whether they except articles now or not. Earlier there was a rule, for a new member to get a first pay out, new member should have 2000 points through forums. Is it still there?

I request you to clear my doubts. As I want start working in Boddunan again. 

Let me know how to request for the payment and what is the payment process. 

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Most welcome Sarala- yes Boddunan is accepting articles for time being. According to new rule you can submit one article in a day. I think being one of the oldest members of this site you know the rules better than other members. Thank you!

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Can I know how much time is it generally taking for the Article to be published?

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Hi, Welcome back! It is good to see an old member back here. 

As Sunil mentioned that new articles are being accepted here. The article section was suspended for some time but is now resumed.

As far as the payment goes, it is not dependent on points anymore. We have to reach minimum of 1500 Rs to request for payment.

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Good to know that the article section is resumed now. I also have come to this site after a long time.

Let me know this 1500 will be paid through bank transfer or cheque? Earlier they paid through cheque. Is there any changes made in payment method recently?

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