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Mein abhi se maafi maang leta hnu bade bhaiya...

abhi maza ayega yahan pe active rehne mein.

By the way santosh congrats for your achievement
Thank you all for participating in the program.

Wow.. this month seems to going big. Already 82 members started participating in the program :) . Keep up the spirit guys. I wish I can see over 50 eligible members this time.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

hello sir u told that top 50 persons will get revenue sharing.. then why these only persons are selcted
lohit only 10 persons have participated actively.
you can see that this month 82 is in the queue to get revenue share but they have to login 20 days at least in a month to qualify so thats the reason only 10 person get selected for revenue sharing this month.
If you want to Earn revenue share from boddunan then login everyday and participate in all section
congrs to all winner.. keep it up buddy... i hope next month i also join it lets hope for the best and rock it this months and increase the revenue of boddunan so that we can earn more money...
Yes pushpa we all have to put little more effort during this month so that boddunan team will Earn some more money which is going to distributed among us.
Yes, come on guys.Rock and Roll here for at least one hour and add some pennys to your extra income and some knowledge to your ???

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