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My Caption is:

Huh!!!Wandering down the "bodystore supermarket" all day the last to be chosen is the head with the brain of a scientist.
Iam wondering which head has more weight.I hope I won't get head weight after fixing the head.
Nice Picture Aastha.

Here is my entry
"Choose to do it yourself or get help" - I'm ready
My caption is
"Well! Choosing a unique head,which suits my body"

Want to make each day Accountable

This contest comes to end tomorrow friends... Hurry up!!! :)

I see just 14 entries.... :(

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Bump! Many active members have not posted yet! May be this because they have not noticed it! Few hours remaining..
Hello All

Well it was a nice picture and a good quality captions came but suffered with less participation.
The imgae clearly shows that People change their persona according to the situation, they are provided with.
There were many good captions and the winner and runner are:

Winner: Neetu Jain
Caption: "There are so many varieties available here.Confuse which one would fits my personality"

Runner: Cool Boy
Caption: Hey will you like to be a part of my personality.

Many Congratulations to both!!

The 15 points bonus goes to:
Neetu Jain, Deepti, Mathi, Devyani Sarkar, Cool Boy, Vijay(vijay_u), Sunny Singh, Rajani K, Raja(u.Nataraj), Sajeetharan, nagalakshmi.karunanidhi, Meean, Sudha Bitra, Ronark

Aastha Gupta
Well i think participation is good..almost all the active members have given their caption...

Congratulation Neetu jain and cool guy... :)

Wish all the other participants better luck next time.. :)
Many Congratulations to neetu and cool boy.Thanks to all the participants. :) :)
Aastha I want to ask you! Why do you always select some normal caption as the best. Am not against you. i have noticed..there are certain captions by other members which are too creative.

What do you say guys?

Congratulations neetu and cool boy! keep it up
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