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Good participation friends... Nice to see many good pictures... :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
I think it is really very nice topic.. :) Here goes my entry..

Here is my entry.
I think you picture is very natural nagalakshmi...but i think the caption for your photo should be "Middle class mans life"..
Hello friends I am Devyani. I have choosen this image for the best picture contest of "city life".
Rajani, Thanks for your compliment.But unfourtunately, i could think of only crowded city buses when i think of city life. :)
Jaunpur_City_Life.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)
This is my picture for the week
Many new participants this time, what happened to usual members? Guys suggest any new idea to this contest!
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Here's my Entry Picture... :)
I do not understand why all are posting some pictures related with transportation. does city life is more related with it ??
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