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Please tell me which content are posted again and again
Vijay, check your post, you have posted the same thing THREE times!!!

Kindly abstain from using such practices as this does not bode well in the forums!!

Sajeetharan,[quote] Nevertheless, since google is international company there must be a way to utilize Google earth with software which are also international like, WORLDTRACKER..i know it caused uproar in the UK few years back, as spouses where tracking each other even into Europe and America because there was no legal net to stop the tracking. Perhaps it might work with google earth now without boundaries. [/quote]

This is bound to happen with all things!! Each and every invention that is creayed to assist and ease life is going to be misused at some point!! Even mobile phones are no less than a lethal bomb when in the wrong hands and can be used to cause maximum destruction!

Similarly, google earth can be used to locate terrorists and at the same time it can be used by the terrorists to access intelligence related to strategic military establishments!
The workaround would be to tie up with Google and block out those locations on the google earth that are vulnerable and crucial from any country's defence point of view!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)


Please don't post same content again and again. For this time I am deleting your 2 of your responses as they are same, but don't repeat this again.

sorry, i have might click submit button twice....i dont have any intention to do flood..
sorry onces again.
[quote]Remember the last unfortunate incident that happened In mumbai, i read that the India police worked with a telecoms company to track the phone device of a hidden suspect who was later apprehended through that means. [So almost definitely they have employed a type of tracking software integrated into a visual digital map, perhaps like maybe it cant reach out to ordinary individual but somehow they executed that feat as a governmental body]

Police worked with the telcom company to track the device....It is noting related to the google earth.
Google earth Only deal with the satellite Images..It has nothing related to mobile tracking..
If you know where is mobile device,then u can only track the way to it through google earth

And question about security forces using Google earth is very less.because Security forces work on a Intelligent report(input) like IB,RAW.As they need Accurate Information and google earth can provide it because images are of past date.
Google earth cant be used to detect or terrorist locations, And it is almost banned now a days.

first understand what i was trying to say .. actually google earth and gps are more similar. I gave that example because Police has use gps(application of Google earth) to locate the Phoneof terrorits. now you got it?

Why do you relate IB,RAW here?. Yes i accept google earth can provide you exact images. But It cant be used to terrorists, There may be invalid CLICKS occur when,

For this purpose only ISRO designed BUVAN, The pictures are expected to be sharper than those on Google Earth as Bhuvan uses 10 meter resolution images as against 200 meter resolution photos offered by others.

Unlike in Google Earth, users will not be able to download images from Bhuvan and will be able to browse content like on any website.

Most importantly, being India specific, Bhuvan showed all areas in detail. Many of the smaller places in India are not covered in detail by Google Earth.

But google earth was the better one actually,

G-earth is real treat today , it can b used against INDIA to locate many important places

TERRORISTS are using it sometime to find best path to follow from KARACHI to INDIA
, but It cant be used by police or anyone to detect terrorists (except using GPS mobile tracker)
I do agree with sajeetharan,

SEcurity forces can used this BHUVAN to find out hidden places of terrorist camps,training,establishment,etc.

And also BHUVAN does not reveal military Establishment...Also image are updated per year.

Google Earth Should Also followed the same that terrorist cant used Google earth.
Sajeetharan wrote: [quote]G-earth is real treat today , it can b used against INDIA to locate many important places[/quote]

Sajeetheran., if the terrorists cannot have G-earth, they will find other means to harm Indians. Tehse organizations are well known for their destructive reourcefulness.

An eg: 9/11 terrorists who bombed WTC towers practiced their evil deed with the help of Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Should Microsoft be held repentent for developing thsi software then? Or should this software be removed and forever banned???

The solution therefore is not to ban or obstruct these softwares but clearly establish the cruciality and vulnerability factor of various strategic military and civilian establishments and restrict the detail of such places on G earth!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Do not deviate from the Topic..

After sso much discussion....Indeed G-earth have more negative side then been used by the military for find out the terrorist establishment...

If G-earth restrict its software from public domain then i guess it is more useful to security forces.
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