The retirement-Sparks a modern Rise!!!

With the retirement of 24/40, 5'4" Legend-"Sachin Tendulkar", an era has ended, much to put the Indian and worldwide cricketing fanatics to a reduced interest towards the sport.

But it seems like his retirement has paved way to give rise to another cricketing genius to don the gloves, to bring back the cricketing aura of the legend in terms of his consistency and heights. The time has perhaps arrived, for his successor to enter the sporting genre. Virat - With his perfect strokemaking skills, sound temperament and aggressive instincts, is paving way, not only for another legend in the making, but also a pragmatically viable next Indian captain. After donning the role of captaincy during his tenure of Zimbambwe series successfully, the mettle of this Indian youngster is being acknowledged internationally, & the scope of his spot as a captain and as a great batsman is broadening its wings.

Call Early?

Though the call is being termed too early, the display of maturity in his controlled aggression & timely composure, has brought the experts to shower praises, & take a call on his captaincy skills as well as on his abilities as a batsman.

The call though may not be early as everyone feels, as what we see is a Cricketer, yearning to learn and hone his skills, for the betterment of himself and his team. His hunger for scoring is ever increasing, like the little master, and his skill is making giant strides, and more peculiarly so when his team is chasing daunting totals. His onfield exploits when chasing a daunting 300+ total or totals are a hallmark of sweet timing combined with hard-hitting, and it is his success time & again, to make his team end up on a victorious note on these critical occasions, which underline his abilities as a Captain, an attacking player & overall cricketing genius.

The hurdles on his way

Though his abilities are unquestionably astounding and remarkably amazing, it isn't to be forgotten that his behemoth like imprints in international arena is just a beginning in his career, and it shall be the time which shall be deciding his "acclivity or declivity" on the following grounds:-

  • Passion
  • Fitness
  • Composure
  • Right spirit

PASSION is the core requirement to achieve success in any field. It is this passion with which the little master's breath unfolded, every day was a day of cricket for him. It is this point of passion to play, that has to be affixed in the mindset of Virat, whenever he enters the ground. If the passion is to play - "either for himself or for the team" doesn't diminish, or at least does not decline, it is a foregone conclusion that he shall be the new found jewel in the 'Indian Cricket Team'.

The 2nd crucial thing of importance is the way he maintains his fitness over the years to follow. Fitness acts as a strengthening pillar for the mindset, to make decisions and play confidently. If one can maintain his fitness, he is bound to come out with fruitful results, and embark on the glory of cherishable and re-livable moments of success. It is this longevity of the master on the ground of fitness, that has allowed him to play unmisted and mesmerizing strokes in his career.

That being said, we now arrive to the rungs of  3rd and 4th points of the ladder. These points play an important role to be remembered & revered. They are interlinked and chained. The primary objective of a captain & a player is to win a match for his team, & in order to achieve it, it requires the composure, as it assists the player to think in the right alignment of the context of the game and act accordingly to bring his team to the desired side of "winning". 

If you equip yourself with the composure, what automatically follows, is to play in the right spirit of the game, which shall forthwith bring fame & glory for the team and individuals.


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