I am truly a cricket maniac and I am little disappointed with the way Saurav Ganguly get retired from the cricket. It was not the true way for such a great player to get retire after all he is the most successful captain of the Indian team and truly a fighter. We always talk about Sachin all the time for making so many records in worldcricket but no one have noticed that it was ganguly who scored fastest 9000 runs in ODI and after getting captaincy he struggled for form. Also till 27 centuries in ODI ganguly and tendulkar was neck to neck.

I am also a great fan of sachin but I really got hurt the way ganguly struggled to get in team after the Greg   Chappell’s incidence. If instead of ganguly sachin was there he will surely got another chance with no doubt. Sachin had started his carrier at small age of 16 and after playing for 20 years he is on top of many records but if you compare those with other who are playing for only 10-12 years they are not far behind. It’s all because of more number of games.

I agree that playing so muchcricket at international level is not so easy and sachin have carrying the pressure of millions of Indians on his shoulders for all these years but I am just saying that we have to start to look beyond sachin now and give due respect to other legends also. Sachin is playing till he is enjoying his game and I do not have slightest of doubt that he will quit on the moment he thinks he is not enjoying. He is a wonderful person both on and off field but now we fan have to realize that a big era is coming to end, and us should prepare ourselves in advance for this.

I pray to god that 2011 world cup final will brings us the 1983 happiness again and Sachin will become the hero of the battle.

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