Well to start with, cricket is not only treated as just a game it is considered as the religion in India and the master batsman Sachin Tendulkar who is worshipped as the God of cricket.

Sachin is not only a great sportsman but he is also  a perfect Gentleman and he is best known for his spirit of the game where he wasn't involved in any arguments or fights on the ground and even the opposition won’t argue with him in the field as they knew he is the best of the best and he is best known for his sportsmanship.

He is so polite and he is best known for his honesty and that’s why even the umpires respect him as he doesn't wait when he feels it was out. But in spite of giving wrong decision he used to leave the ground without showing any detest to the umpire. At present he is not in the best of his form and in the last match he played, third ODI between India vs. Australia, he got run out unfortunately by Mitchel Johnson.

He is the best because he plays all cricketing shorts perfectly and that’s why is the role model for all the young kids not only in India but  all over the world , who wants to be a cricket player. For example Flintoff's role model was also Sachin and he also said this in many interview. Sachin did a good job by retiring from T20 internationals which gave him a chance to play in 2011 50-50 world cup, since he can concentrate on Tests and ODI.

Recently all his aggressive shorts played by him remembers his young age and as a matter of fact many didn't expect he would return to cricket after his back bone problem. At his early age when he decides to play cricket he came to the MRF pace foundation as he wished to become a bowler.

But later he was sent to concentrate on his batting and at present he is one of the best cricketers in the world and he is also compared to the legend of cricket Sir Donald Bradman. What we expect from his beautiful playing shorts and hope he gets his 17000 runs in the 4th ODI of India Vs Australia , seven match series 2009.

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