The question is why Dhoni is  most successful captain in India even in world also.

because of following.


1. He is good batsman and wicket keeper.

2. His luck is with him.

3. He united team with his way.

4. Most of the player is new so politics involvement is less.

5. This time lot of option for all batsman is available so Dhoni has ability to choose best among them.

6. Dhoni can ball also if required.

7. Dhoni is Intelligent and see batsman activity behind stump with close eye.

8. He has ability to mix up with senior player also.

9. Youraj singh  performing well on Dhoni captaincy.

10. God with them because of his prayer.

11. Dhoni try to remove weekness of team like removing player is he is not in form but when player come in form then Dhoni recall them . Example is Rahul dravid. This time removal of Rahul dravid is only that his slow run rate of his batting.

12. Sachin is maintaining his run rate that's why he is in team.

Other lot of quality Dhoni has so he is success captain in cricket.



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