The batting maestro has done it and has done it great style which alone he is capable of. Ever since he started off as whizkid the media and the cricketing cognoscenti have looked for feats which Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar produced with striking regularity. The whole world has reacted to his magnificent achievement of scoring the first double hundred in a manner which he deserves in ample measure.   Carrying the Expectations of a Billion Plus on his Broad Shoulders   Sunil Gavaskar now wants him to overhaul Brian Lara's monumental essay of four hundred runs in test cricket. True to his humble nature he has attributed this superb effort to the kindness of God and dedicated it to the millions of cricket-lovers of this country. What a human being! What a cricketer! Here is a man who has been shouldering the expectations of a billion plus people decades after decades, year after year, not changing a bit as a person with phenomenal cricketing and financial success. When one of my bosses who was a crazy cricket lover and unfortunately afflicted with a terminal illness, expressed boyishly his joy over Sachin getting one of his splendid centuries, I could truly appreciate the greatness of this cricketer.   What Do the Past Greats Say?   It goes to the credit of this magnificent cricketer's personality that words of warm and effusive praises have come from various quarters and the most unexpected ones. Pakistani cricketers like Intikhab Alam, Javed Miandad, Ramiz Raja, Saeed Anwar and Shoib Mallik have paid glowing tributes. This speaks volumes for this amiable cricketer who has never allowed his awe-inspiring, stupendous achievements to go to his head. A great lesson for us - small men and women with bigger egos .   The Magic Figure of Double Hundred in ODI   The magic figure of double hundred in ODI inspired many a batting effort. Even the batting maestro fell short of 14 runs in a match against New Zealand in Hyderabad in 1999-2000. Saeed Anwar held the record jointly with Charles Coventry of Zimbabawe scoring 194 runs. The iconic West Indian batsman Sir Viv Richards made two unsuccessful bids to reach the magic figure by scoring an unbeaten 189 and 181. Our current South African coach Gary Kirsten scored a superb 188 unbeaten runs. The Matera Marauder Sanat Jayasuria scored 189 runs. Our most successful test captain Saurav Ganguly and the current skipper are tied to a score of 183.   The record are made to be broken but the world is unanimous that this records stands in the name of a person who deserves every bit of it. After all, the peak of the Mount Everest has been scaled by many but the world still remembers the feat of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. This duo scaled the peak of the Mount Everest but our Sachin would go on conquering the the peaks of all cricketing mounts.

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