Hello everyone,

This is my first article on this site however there are lots of computer related articles which I have written for other resources.

I would like to show you story behind compiler design and also why hardware prices is coming down & software prices are going up through this interesting story

Well there was a time when computer costs around 50,000 us $  and compiling (converting High level language  into Machine level language) was mere a clerkial job ,that time clerks were appointed to do compiling.Once one of those clerk  asked his boss"Boss should we try to make a software which will convert High level language into Machine level language ".Boss get angered and chided him saying"How dare  you ask for using my costly computer for such a clerkial job I would never allow you for the same".

That clerk didnot get disappointed rather he started thinking how to develope such software and at last he succeded in making such software which was doing the same job of clerk at 10000 times  or more faster rate,so by that time  compiling was no more clerkial job rather was done by computer.Afterwards software prices are going up and  hardware prices are coming down....dear readers  I think this article was informative for you,Thanks for reading this article


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